Kraft P3 – Innovation for Whom?

OscarMeyer P3

Kraft recently launched the P3 (a.k.a. portable protein pack) – a meat-cheese-nut pack – supposedly aimed at adults and their snacking occasions.  One look at the pack, and you probably will think of Lunchables for adults.  According to Kraft CEO Vernon, “No one else can pull this off, all under one roof, as Kraft can.”

Protein is certainly a hot item these days, from Greek Yogurt to protein bars, all categories with protein extensions have seen growth.  But just because Kraft has the ability to combine a “trinity” of protein into a sealed product – diced ham from Oscar Meyer, diced cheese from Kraft, and peanuts from Planters – doesn’t make it innovative.  This is a classic case of repackaging existing items and trying to sell them differently.  There is nothing new here.

In innovation, you always want to have something that adds value to the consumers, ideally distinctive enough that you have enough leadtime before competitors copy you.  But the P3 is nothing more than a straight sum of products:  1+1+1=3.  All of these pieces can be put together fairly easily and cost effectively by the consumer.  No sophisticated medley of nuts or artisan cheeses in this pack – this is a plain and simple combination of easy-to-find products.

One of the key traits of a snack is its portability and the P3 got this right.  Measuring slightly more than an adult hand, it is compact enough to fit in a bag or purse.  The drawback is that the content is not very generous so there is a lot of empty space – see upclose photo – feeling that even at $1.99, it might be a lot for so little to snack on.

All in all, it does not look like the P3 is anything earth-shattering and though Kraft may be uniquely able to put together these three distinct items together, it does not mean that it is something innovative nor something consumers will need.

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