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Go Beyond Binary Innovation

Go beyond binary innovation! This type of exploratory innovation takes you into new territories – new revenue streams, new consumers, new needs – but extend the current brand equity.

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Your Packaging Is Killing Your Brand

Stop killing your brand with a packaging that adds no value and blends in with your competitors.

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Be An Intentional Brand



Dominate The Marketplace With An Intentional Brand

Want to dominate the marketplace?  Stop developing brands with no meaning, no soul, no intent.  Storytelling, fun packaging and pretty logos are not enough.  Your brand needs to be intentional to win in the marketplace.

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Maximizing Your Innovation with Design Thinking

Don’t just design a great product, design a great innovation business.

Design thinking can have far-reaching impact and can dramatically change a business to set it apart from competition but you have to incorporate it into every activity of the business to reap the compounding benefits. Think more like IKEA. What would IKEA do?

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Disruptive Innovation Is Not For Everyone

Every conversation I have with clients always ends up with their need for disruptive innovation.

It has captured our imagination (and our wallets).  It’s that shiny, glittering item that everyone wants.  Every company claims to be disruptive, to have disruptive innovation throughout their pipelines.  But let’s be honest, a new flavor isn’t disruptive innovation.  

Disruptive innovation is hard work, expensive and very risky.  So before they go on the “disruptive innovation” path, I remind clients these key points:

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Make It Worthwhile

In most startups, the modus operandi (MO) is get into as many “doors” (or retail stores) as possible.  The logic is simple.  The more stores you are in, the more sales you will have and therefore the more successful you will be.  And while that may seem true on the face of it, it is actually the worst possible move you can make in retail.


Focus on Impact

Campbell’s recently announced a number of initiatives to bolster its soup business, ultimately indicating that “the issue is more about what’s inside the can than the can itself.”  Its Chicken Noodle soup will have more chicken meat, fresh noodles and no added preservatives. Its Cream of Mushroom has fresh cream and its Cream of Tomato has six tomatoes in every can.