Your Packaging Is Killing Your Brand

Stop killing your brand with a packaging that adds no value and blends in with your competitors.


More often than not, your packaging is very functional:

  • It holds the product
  • It is easy to fill the product inside it
  • It packs easily
  • It ships with little waste of space
  • It opens comfortably
  • It closes easily (if resealable)
  • It’s very functional


And therein lies the issue.  We are looking at packaging as a functional necessity but it could be so much more.


When you go in the store, what is the first thing you see on shelves?  Not brands.  Not products.  Packaging.


And within the first 3-7 seconds of our attention that we allocate to selecting something from the shelf, if the packaging doesn’t stand out, you are done.  Not only that, you won’t make it back to the consideration set because another packaging/product/brand will be selected in its place.  Game over.


Your packaging is your brand.


Too many of my clients have incredible products but use generic packaging that are stock items used by so many other brands.  They end up looking…like the other brands and blend on shelf and killing their only chance to get into the purchasing consideration set.


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – make your packaging be your brand.


Don’t believe me?  Remember the POM Wonderful bottle?



How could you not!  There was/is no way not to see it!

It might cost a little more, but EVERY time a consumer looks at that shelf, he/she notices you.  Not only that, your packaging ends up DEFINING you.

The POM bottle was in GLASS – more premium than everybody else in plastic bottles.

The POM bottle SHOWCASES the product – not hiding it behind a label and a ton of claims.

The POM bottle COMMUNICATED the fruit that was used to make it – two pomegranates stacked one on top of the other.


Your packaging can be so much more than what you are using it for.  Let me help you…..


If you need help developing your intentional brand and packaging, reach out to me and let’s talk!